For more than 22 years Tenerife is the best all year long Paragliding Pilot heaven and Your Family holiday place.

ParaglidingPark Taucho Start is the most known and used flying site on the Canary islands.

Taucho Start zone is flyable 365 days a year, and is accessible by any type of car all day long.

We are in the renovation state now, but free flying is opened to Paragliding Sport Pilots.

Tandem flying is permitted only for Paragliding Companies registered with our Club.

Tandem Tourist flying and Guided Flying from different locations around the island for Sport Pilots is a every day event done by Instructor of ParaglidingPark Club.

New Members of the Tenerife ParaglidigPark Club get weather and fly location support from the Management, Pilots and Instructors of the –°lub.

Shuttle Bus service is provided for registered club members to take them from the landing on La Caleta beach and Tropicana landing zone to the ParaglidingPark Taucho Start.